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10 Types of Medications Older Adults Should Use Cautiously

by De C - October 22, 2018

More than four million, health care visits in the United States every year can be accounted for by adverse drug effects. Taking the wrong medications together can shut down your organs, cause uncomfortable side effects, and in some cases, kill you. Many elderly patients don't get the information they need about the dangers of the pills they are taking every day, especially if they buy their medications from an online drugstore. Even if you go to a traditional pharmacy, your pharmacist may not have told you about some of the dangers in your medicine cabinet. And the more medications you take, the more potential you have for negative side effects. But don't worry, we've put together this list of types of medications the elderly should avoid if at all possible to protect your health, so read on.

7 Natural Supplements to Lower Cholesterol

by De C - September 4, 2018

Studies show that about 41% of Canadians have high cholesterol. High cholesterol is dangerous because it paves the way for heart attacks and heart disease. Taking medication is beneficial, but combining your medicines with natural supplements to lower cholesterol can have a positive effect. Not sure which natural supplements you should be taking? Read on to learn which ones are best.

Unwanted Medications in Canada: To Flush or Not to Flush?

by CanadaWidePharmacy - June 30, 2018

Do you have unwanted or unused medications filling up your medicine cabinet? Are you wondering what the best way is to get rid of them might be? Disposal of prescription medications can be a tricky thing, if you aren’t aware of the drug return programs available from ten provinces and three territories in Canada.

How to Buy Your Medication From a Canadian Online Drugstore

by James - April 16, 2018

It seems these days we can buy almost anything online and that includes our prescriptions. it is a more convenient way to get our medications and can be a lot less expensive than buying at competing pharmacies.
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