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Real Men wear PINK

by De C - October 17, 2019

55 Canadian men will die from Breast Cancer. Stop! Think about that statistic.

Depression is a Treatable Mental Illness. Tips & Trends

by De C - October 10, 2019

Mental illness awareness has taken centre stage globally thanks to the influential people talking about it. In the UK, the young royals are championing the cause, while Canada has celebrities like Jim Carrey and Ryan Reynolds who chose to #getloud about mental illness.

Coming Soon: Pay Less for Prescription Drugs in Canada

by De C - August 19, 2019

Canada has made its first step toward lowering drug prices with new drug price reform. Click here to learn what it means to you.

An Upgrade from Aspirin: 5 Things You Should Know Before Taking Platelet Aggregation Inhibitors

by De C - April 1, 2019

Every year, about one out of four deaths in the U.S. are due to heart disease. Did you know that a type of drug called platelet aggregation inhibitors can help prevent heart issues? Whether you're already navigating heart issues, or are just thinking about staying healthy in the future, you might benefit from platelet inhibitors. Wondering what you need to know about these medications? We've put together the answers to some common questions about the platelet aggregation inhibitor here. Keep reading to learn how to keep your heart healthy!

5 Essential Medicines for Cholesterol You Need to Try

by De C - December 17, 2018

Cholesterol is bad for you and if you are not careful you will have a heart attack. Which part of this sentence is true and which part is not true? That is part of the reason why so many people are confused. Cholesterol is essential to your body. In fact, you could say it is very important, especially if you are a man. Why? Cholesterol is an important building block for testosterone. It is a precursor to many compounds needed in the production of testosterone. Therefore, you need cholesterol. Yet, too much of the wrong type of cholesterol and your arteries will start to narrow and may lead to atherosclerosis. That is bad news as the final destination is a heart attack. This article will help you see the benefits of 5 medicines for cholesterol you need to try. You don't need to cut out cholesterol completely but you do need to manage it. These medications will help you while also making sure your body is not lacking essential cholesterol for important compound production like testosterone.

Pharmacare Canada: Everything You Need to Know

by Naz - June 6, 2018

Health spending was estimated to reach $6,604 per Canadian in 2017. This soaring cost has caused a lot of discussion about pharmacare Canada.
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