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5 Essential Medicines for Cholesterol You Need to Try

by De C - December 17 , 2018

Medicines for Cholesterol
Medicines for Cholesterol
Cholesterol is bad for you and if you are not careful you will have a heart attack.

Which part of this sentence is true and which part is not true? That is part of the reason why so many people are confused. Cholesterol is essential to your body. In fact, you could say it is very important, especially if you are a man.

Why? Cholesterol is an important building block for testosterone.

It is a precursor to many compounds needed in the production of testosterone. Therefore, you need cholesterol. Yet, too much of the wrong type of cholesterol and your arteries will start to narrow and may lead to atherosclerosis. That is bad news as the final destination is a heart attack.

This article will help you see the benefits of 5 medicines for cholesterol you need to try. You don't need to cut out cholesterol completely but you do need to manage it. These medications will help you while also making sure your body is not lacking essential cholesterol for important compound production like testosterone.

1. Hit Production

You already know what will eventually happen if you have too much of the wrong type of cholesterol in your body. Statins are designed to prevent a build-up from happening in the first place. Your liver is a powerhouse for the production of many important hormones and compounds such as cholesterol.

Site of action: Liver

Statins work by reducing the enzyme that is involved in the production of cholesterol. Are they effective? Yes. In a review of current research, it was seen that those in the genetic high-risk group could benefit by as much as a reduction of relative risk by 48%.

2. Stop Recycling

Bile is produced by the liver and is an important compound in your digestion. It aids the digestion of fats. This includes the absorption of important vitamins such as A, D, and E.

Bile is very important as it is the opposite pH to stomach acid. This helps to balance the stomach pH appropriately.

Bile is your friend. However, bile can be reabsorbed or recycled back into the blood. In the main, bile is made up of bad cholesterol. That is bad news if you are trying to reduce your cholesterol.

Site of action: Intestine

Bile Acid Resin attaches to bile in the intestine and prevents reabsorption to the bloodstream. An example of this type of drug is Cholestyramine.

3. Plan A Is Plan B

That sounds confusing. In the context of managing your cholesterol levels, plan A should be exercise and a good diet. Correct. Your diet would benefit from plenty of B-vitamin such as Niacin. This vitamin has a multitude of benefits for your body but one of them is to reduce bad cholesterol.

Site of action: Liver

Niacin is a B-vitamin and full of other really good benefits. The good news is that you can take this over the counter. It is also water-soluble which mean your body can remove excessive amounts more easily. Of course, it is wise to always seek medical opinion when treating cholesterol.

4. Boost Good Cholesterol

Yes, there is good cholesterol as well as bad cholesterol. The good cholesterol is referred to as HDL and the bad as LDL. At a basic level, you can think of high levels of good cholesterol as helping to reduce bad cholesterol. These molecules motor around your bloodstream hunting down their bad counterparts. When it finds them in places they shouldn't be it removes them. Clever aren't they!

Site of action: Small Intestine

Fibrates are a compound that boosts your good cholesterol levels and also reduces the 'fat' molecules in your blood. Some people cannot take medication such as statins because of side effects. Fibrates are an excellent alternative when given under medical supervision.

5. Employ a Sniper

Sometimes you need a high accuracy shot that will take out the enemy. If you are someone who has a genetic condition that predisposes you to high levels of cholesterol, then the rules of engagement must change. Seeking out the protein that is a key contributor and 'neutralizing' it will help prolong your life. This protein is called PCSK9.

Site of action: PCSK9 (Specific protein in live)

PCSK9 Inhibitors are the sniper you want in your body. These are relatively new drugs but they are designed to find the specific protein in the liver that helps in the manufacturing of bad cholesterol and 'take them out.' Scientists are very excited by this new drug. In a trial, participants were 50% less likely to have developed a heart attack over the year of the trial.

In another more recent study, the levels of LDL were reduced by as much as 72% in high-risk patient groups. It is no wonder the medical community is excited about this drug.

All You Need Medicines for Cholesterol

Now you know about what types of medicines for cholesterol are available and how they work, albeit at a basic level, you are much better informed to make decisions. It stands to reason that if you are worried about your cholesterol or someone in the family has a problem with cholesterol, you should seek an expert opinion from a medical professional.

That said when you decide what drug you want you can buy all of what you need online and with great convenience. Check out our website to see how to order online. You can learn more about us and visit our FAQ section.

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