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Harder Erections: 8 Ways to Improve Your Erections

by De C - August 27 , 2023

Improving Your Erections
Improving Your Erections

As you get older, the love you have for your penis begins to diminish. At a certain age, men have difficulty achieving an erection. And some younger guys may struggle with getting it up.

If you're one of the unlucky ones with a sad member, there are ways you can improve your erections. Even if you have an excited penis, certain lifestyle changes can result in a stronger and harder erection.

Are you ready to have harder erections? Follow these 8 tips to improve your erections.

1. Start Exercising

A great workout routine has more benefits than shedding that dad bod. A powerful fitness routine can also benefit your junk.

Blood flow is the secret to a healthy erection. And there's no better way to increase circulation than by working out.

While weight lifting and yoga are great forms of exercise, they may not do much for your penis. Instead, stick to cardio. Aerobic exercise encourages blood flow.

So get on the treadmill, bike or elliptical for a smaller waistline but a larger erection.

2. Stop Smoking Cigarettes

That awful cigarette addiction doesn't only kill your lungs, it also kills your erection.The University of Kentucky made a significant discovery when they found a tie between cigarettes and an unhealthy sex life.

Researchers asked men to rate their sex lives and identify if they smoke or not.

Smoking men rated their sex life as a 5, while men who don't smoke rated their sex life as a 9.

There's a reason why: one of the nasty cigarette side effects is impotence.

This doesn't only target erection strength but it also targets erection size.

3. Drink More Coffee

Do you rely on this delightful morning beverage for your daily caffeine kick?

Coffee not only wakes you up but also wakes up your penis.

If you consume 2-3 cups of coffee per day, you're less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction disorder. We can thank the University of Texas for this research.

The benefits are actually stronger in overweight men. There's a link to caffeine and erections because caffeine improves blood flow and artery relaxation.

Achieving this is difficult in overweight and out-of-shape men.

Keep in mind, there's not enough evidence that coffee can treat ED. Just helps men feel a little bit better in that area.

4. Get a Vasectomy

If you're done having kids or just don't want any, getting a vasectomy actually improves your erections.

The reason why is simple: men who don't want kids stress about accidental pregnancies. This stress is heightened for guys who have accidentally gotten girls pregnant.

And sometimes, using condoms and opting for oral intercourse isn't enough pleasure for some guys.

This erectile dysfunction prevention method puts you down $1,500. But it's a 99.9% effective birth control method and you can still have all of the fun you want.

5. Stay Faithful to Your Spouse

Are you dating or married to an awesome woman? You should stay faithful to her and not sleep around. Other than the fact that it's the right thing to do, sleeping with lots of women can be an erection killer.

The reason is psychological: you start feeling guilty. You'll also feel more anxiety because you don't want her finding out your side chicks.

This negative mental state ruins the mood with her and with the other women you're sleeping with.

How common is this reason? Doctors are now asking their patients if they cheat on their wives during ED treatment. So if you're unfaithful, changing your habits can help you enjoy sex with your significant other.

6. Take It Easy

You may love going rough and fast on your lover during intercourse. While this may be fun for you and her, it's not fun for your penis.

Only one hard and fast thrust can destroy your corpus cavernosum, which is erectile tissue.

If this area is damaged, it can cause permanent damage or even internal bleeding.

But this only happens in severe cases. Minor damage may not seem serious, but it affects your penis over time. You'll experience frequent penis pain and curvature, which eventually leads to impotence.

How common is this issue? A third of men experience "penis trauma" and corpus cavernosum trauma is likely the cause.

7. Start Yawning

Yawning may signal you're tired or bored. But yawning is good for your penis.

Yawning is controlled by a chemical called nitric oxide. Your brain releases this chemical to go down to your spinal cord, which releases blood used for erections.

Do you know why your brain also releases nitric oxide? To yawn. Nitrix oxide controls your mouth opening and closing, and a big yawn helps the chemical flow more toward your spinal cord.

8. Get More Sleep

A good shut-eye is necessary for strong erections.

That's because your penis gets hard while you sleep. Did you know you achieve erections lasting as long as three or five hours while you're dozing off? There's a reason why -- and no, that reason isn't a sexy dream.

Sleep recharges your body, including your penis. Blood flows to your penis as you sleep, strengthening your erections. This makes your erectile tissue more flexible, resulting in strong erections when you're awake and sleeping.

Time to Get Stronger and Harder Erections

As you age, you find it difficult to get stronger and harder erections. While this is normal, it's also embarrassing. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your erections.

Your excess bulge, cigarettes, and lack of sleep are killing your erection. Making necessary health changes and freeing yourself from stress is enough to maintain lasting erections. Oh, and stop cheating on your wife.

Even after these lifestyle changes, do you still experience erectile dysfunction?

You probably need medication. Order your prescription from our website


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