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The Magic of Online Shopping is Limitless

by De C - September 5 , 2023

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Leisure time is precious, so setting aside hours to go to the mall, find parking, choose the item (if it is in stock), and then stand in line to make the purchase is a thing of the past. The vast offerings of retail, in physical malls, is giving way to virtual stores.Online shopping is convenient, efficient and safe.

Cars Online

Take car shopping for instance. Auto malls are full of other people and salesmen. These salesmen are handy if you are at that location to purchase a particular vehicle but research and spec comparison is now done from the comfort of your armchair or the convenience of your mobile phone as you multitask through the day. Tesla leads the way as they make the move to close all dealership stores and move car sales completely online.

What Can’t You Buy Online?

Amazon is an example of the vast array of ‘stuff’ available digitally. A billion-dollar company started from a garage and transacts entirely online began their journey selling books and today sells a large range of electronics, toys and gadgets. So, what can’t we buy online? Groceries, liquor, clothes and accessories already transact online. There are skin care and cosmetics companies like Isabella Garcia, with international presence that have never opened a store front. Similarly, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals are available online for delivery to your door.

Innovations to Digital Retail

Canada Post has recently been involved with drone delivery tests as doctors and pharmacists attempt to deliver services and products to outlying areas. The service of diagnosing conditions and prescribing medications has advanced. A new technology out of the University of Toronto called transdermal optical imaging, gives a blood pressure reading based on the blood flow in your face – totally appropriate in the age of selfies.

User Experience

How does a product make you feel? Did you enjoy the purchasing process? That is user experience.

User Experience (UX) is defined as ‘the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.’ Some people would define ‘user experience’ as the ability to meet the customers need without being a bother to them. Companies are now trying to make the experience of purchasing their product or service as memorable – in a good way. If you can easily use, order, purchase, and receive what you need the idea is that you will refer others and develop brand loyalty. Pharmacy is no different as everything-as-a-service comes into play and processes are becoming virtual and streamlined for convenience.

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