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Performance Anxiety: How to Cope and How to Overcome

by Naz - July 30 , 2023

Overcome Anxiety-based Erectile Dysfunction
Overcome Anxiety-based Erectile Dysfunction
The date is nearly over.

Conversation flowed easily, the awkward moment that you were afraid of never happened. She's lingering at the door, waiting to see if you're going to invite her inside. Are you?

If you suffer from performance anxiety, you might be tempted to end your date at that moment. Anxiety-based erectile dysfunction is one of the most distressing things that can happen to a man, yet no one wants to talk about it.

You don't have to be ashamed. Millions of men across the world are experiencing the same problem. With a little work, you can absolutely defeat your anxiety.

Is it Physical or Mental?

Erectile dysfunction can destroy an otherwise happy bedroom. Some EDs are caused by physical ailments, and some are purely psychological. How can you tell if your ED is because of performance anxiety?

Think about it. Have there been any changes in your life recently? If you used to have great sex, but all of a sudden you cannot perform, this can be a sign of a physical issue that needs to be addressed.

This occurs to many men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, especially men with cardiovascular issues like diabetes or heart disease. In these cases, you'll need to see a doctor to determine if your heart is healthy enough for sex. ED drugs can be dangerous to men with certain conditions.

There is a very reliable test to determine if your ED is a psychological phenomenon, or if you have a serious underlying medical condition. Can you get an erection when you're alone?

Some men with psychological ED have no problems when they don't have to worry about a partner. This is a sure sign of mental ED, and it's pretty good news! It means you have a problem you can absolutely overcome.

Try Yoga

The mind and the body are intimately connected. If you're having mental troubles, there's a good chance that they'll manifest physically.

Yoga means "union" in Sanskrit. It is a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a way to develop and tone the body. Unlike many other forms of exercise, yoga explicitly concentrates on the mind-body connection.

Through deep breathing and stretching, yoga helps oxygenate the blood and renew the spirit. An increased oxygen supply with help with ED, and renewed strength and stamina will allow you to perform better during intercourse.

Clean up Your Diet

Another way to ensure that you're healthy enough for great sex is to make sure you're eating the right food. If your diet is comprised of Big Macs and chocolate bar, you'll feel sluggish and be less likely to perform.

A diet rich in protein and healthy fats will keep your body nourished and help lower your anxiety.

Performance Anxiety with a New Partner

One of the more common types of performance anxiety related ED issues is the anxiety that arises when you try to have a relationship with a new partner.

When we meet a new person, we often lead with a "persona" or a mask of some kind. Certainly, we don't usually tell this new person the WORST things about ourselves. You try to put your best foot forward.

So when you finally get them into the bedroom, you're still trying to impress them. You're trying to show what great a guy you are and now it's falling to pieces.

The best thing you can do in this situation is calm down and STOP. Stop trying to be something you're not, and be yourself! Your partner will really appreciate this.

Sex, and it doesn't matter if you're the dominant one or not, is about vulnerability. You are naked [literally] in front of this person, exposed. There is no sense trying to hide!


The vast majority of men and woman will be perfectly understanding, provided that you talk about your issue first. Don't just try to power through the event and hope your partner doesn't notice. It won't work.

Your deception will be noticed. If you're honest, that will also be noticed!

Most People Don't Care

If you're gay, the chances are the other person you're having sex with has heard of this issue! There is even a strong chance they have personally dealt with it. You won't be the first or last lover they have had who couldn't get it up.

If you're straight, your partner may have less experience with ED. That doesn't mean that she'll be freaked out, however. Talk to her!

Again, honesty is the key! Sex isn't a one-man operation, it requires [at least!] two people. If one of those people is having a problem and doesn't tell the other person, there is NO WAY to solve it. Honesty and communication are critical.

Oral Stimulation

Oral stimulation is a great way to engage in sexual activity with a partner without having the pressure to perform! During oral intercourse, the focus is on your pleasure. Sit back and enjoy, you can't mess this up.

Tell your partner about your issue, and ask to engage in oral sex. You should be willing to reciprocate if you can. Your partner, male or female, will enjoy this activity as much as you.

ED Medication

Sometimes nothing works no matter what you do. ED medication is designed for this situation. If your heart is healthy enough, there are multiple pills that you can take to help you get an erection.

ED pills require a prescription from your doctor. Don't worry, the appointment should be simple.

The drugs have a very high success rate. They work by relaxing your muscles and increasing your blood flow. Most of the pills start working in less than an hour.

Coping with ED

There are many valid ways to treat erectile dysfunction. Performance anxiety may seem like an unconquerable problem in the moment but it's actually quite treatable. Don't suffer silently, talk to your doctor if you need help.

If you do get a prescription for ED, make it easy on yourself and order your medication online. Use our website and you can have your pills delivered directly to your home.


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