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5 Tips to Keeping Your Furry Friend Healthy This Winter

by De C - September 19 , 2019

Winter Pet Health
Winter Pet Health
They say that a dog is man’s friend but in Vancouver so is a cat, rabbit, snake, hamster, rat and bird in the friend category. The city boasts a host of domestic companions from birds to pigs. Such are the ratings that pet owners rank third in the country for pet purchases made on Amazon (Surrey and Burnaby also made the list).

So, as the leaves turn and the air chills take time to ensure that your pet is healthy. Then, treated for any seasonal allergies, dry eyes, itchy skin or ear mites (ticks, fleas, worms and lice not withstanding).

Here are our top tips to keeping your fur baby healthy this winter:

1. Food

No matter the type of pet, ensure that you select the best Vet recommended food product and supplement for your breed. The best need not be the most expensive so ensure that age, size, and breed are kept in mind when selecting food, treats and supplements.

2. Weather

We are mid-way through Fall and it is getting darker earlier. Some animals even hibernate during these colder months, but for dogs and cats getting out is still something to consider. While protective gear is not required in parts of BC, keep in mind that cats are not fond of water so wet weather may not be the best for them. Although there are products on the market that allow for cat friendly exercising in hallways and covered areas. Different breeds require different types and amounts of exercise. Hedgehogs and hamsters are nocturnal so will sleep in the daylight and awaken for the dark hours so ensure there is an exercise wheel or ball to keep them entertained and fit. Pets are susceptible to allergies and colds so keep an eye on their behavior for any changes and visit your vet if you become concerned.

3. Water

Access to clean, fresh drinking water is essential to all breeds – even snakes need to hydrate if only occasionally. Like humans mammals require water for body functions to continue efficiently.

4. Mental Health

Your pet is part of your family and most enjoy socializing. Dogs are pack animals and need to feel part of the group so keep this in mind if you are away for long hours in the day that your dog will want extra attention or they can rapidly become bored, destructive or depressed. There are great toys available on the market to stimulate your favorite friend.

Tech is being developed to keep your pet stimulated so have a look at these offerings of more play with technology assist. If you are lucky enough to travel with your pet there are a number of welcoming institutions – our favorite The Fairmont caters for travelling pets.

5. Cuddles

We all enjoy attention! Your snake or bird may not need an actual hug, but time spent observing and interacting with your pet could substitute. Stroking a dog or cat has proved to be relaxing for their humans and in turn reduces stress and the associated conditions of high blood pressure and joint pain.

Search for your pet meds here to be delivered to your door. From eye drops to allergy medications, we take care of the pet that takes care of you.

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